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Most typical marathon training plans are 16 to 20 weeks long. During this time, you’ll typically run three to five times a week, increasing your mileage as you get nearer to race day. On the other days, you can cross train, do some low intensity exercise (think yoga or Pilates) and, most…

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Marathon advises

This is an advice for the marathon runners. This is an advice for the marathon runners. A complete guide to employee rewards and recognition and how to shape a program that keeps your employees engaged at workplace. They say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. The quote…

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Long run

When it comes to long run some runners love it and others hate it. It really depends on the personality of the runner. Runners who enjoy the solitude of the trail or road may not enjoy sharing the experience with others. Introverted individuals may feel stressed being around lots of runners. While…

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